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Welcome to AcerLogic! I'm glad you stopped by to learn more about us. I received my B.A. in International Relations and Political Science from UCLA in 1995 and my J.D. from the UCLA School of Law in 1999. 

My passion for helping others realize their higher education dreams led to the creation of Academic Advantage: Test Preparation and College Admission Counseling in 1992. As the founder of Academic Advantage, I created an SAT preparation program that soon boasted the highest average student increase in the west Los Angeles area. During this period, a Los Angeles branch of the YMCA retained me to develop and implement a unique SAT preparation and college-counseling program for its members. In addition, I worked with the University of California Regents to develop an admission counseling and test preparation program for prospective undergraduate and graduate/professional school students. 

After graduating from law school, I took a position in the San Francisco office of Morrison & Foerster LLP, a premier global law firm, closing the doors of Academic Advantage to pursue a career in International Legislative Reform and Corporate Finance. In 2004, I left Morrison & Foerster to return to my true passion and founded AcerLogic Educational Services, LLC. Since then, I have rededicated my time and effort to helping students realize their higher education dreams and succeed to their fullest potential.

Today, I work with a team of instructors who share a passion for inspiring young minds and challenging them to reach new heights. We cultivate an environment where students push themselves to broaden their horizons, and ultimately, prepare for collegiate and life-long success to make positive changes in our global society.

The process of getting a student into his or her preferred higher education program and securing that student’s ability to fund his/her education with debt-free financial aid is becoming increasingly more difficult in today’s competitive educational environment. At AcerLogic Educational Services, we are committed to providing students with the tools necessary to successfully navigate this process and thereby attain their educational goals. We hope you will come in and sit down with us, so together, we can lay out a plan to achieve your own personal goals and open the door to success. 


Brian H. Bills

AcerLogic Educational Services, LLC

Founder & CEO

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