"During my Junior year of high school, my mother left a cutout of a news article on my desk. It was an article in the Oregonian about Brian Bills and Acerlogic. The article detailed all the wonderful testimonies about Brian, his team and the marvelous 250 point minimum increase on your SAT (or your money back). While the previous SAT prep service I had invested in increased my SAT minimally, Brian’s SAT prep service raised my then my SAT score from around 1800, to around 2000. He is the best at what he does, that is not in question. Rather the reason I am writing this review is because Brian did so much more than boost my SAT score and help me get into to my dream college Tulane University, he shaped my intellectual growth, work ethic and life attitudes. 

Brian is remarkable in every respect. He is concise and articulate, possessing traits that only a man with a UCLA Law degree could boast; he is ridiculously well-read, integrating analogies of my sci-fi or music interests to help me better understand complicated SAT concepts; he is inexplicably positive, owning an aura so powerful it would make my otherwise stern parents happy and giggly. All these traits that Brian boasts made him my aspiration. At a time in my life when my mom was undergoing serious medical issues that made me skeptical and rebellious, he showed me why I should and could reach my complete potential and have fun while doing it.

Without overdoing my praise of Brian, I can confidently say he has been the most influential person in my life outside of my direct family. Whenever I discussed my schooling, academics and personal life with him, the unique insight he would provide me with was invaluable and it meant all the more because he truly does care. 

As I’ve now completed my first year double majoring in Chemistry and Applied Mathematics at Tulane, I write this review as a testimony to a remarkable mentor, but also as a thank you note to a man I will always attribute a degree of my success to." -Oskay