"Our best college fund investment was hiring Brian Bills to tutor our daughter for her second SAT.  She had taken the PSAT and a Kaplan's course a year earlier, presumably learning how to pluck the low-hanging fruit, and she scored a respectable 1750 in the spring of her Junior year, putting her in the 85th percentile.  But she was an honors student at a tough private school and we felt she was capable of better.  Testing was never her strength academically, particularly the standardized formats.  So we hired Brian to tutor her in SAT test-taking, and after six weeks of meeting with Brian twice a week, some diagnostic tests and study laid out by Brian, she took the first SAT in the fall.  2050 was the result, and she was sick that day.  She jumped to the 95th percentile and the merit scholarship offers started rolling in.  Brian's fee was our best investment of the decade, which is not meant as faint praise.  

Now it’s time for our son to apply to college and we came back to Brian and Acerlogic.  No two kids are alike, but that is one of Brian’s strengths:  the ability to connect with kids where they are and to motivate them to present the best possible profile to college admission offices.  Our son’s challenges had less to do with testing or grades, and more to do with polishing his essays and his resume.  Brian also counseled us on our son’s potential college choices:  where is merit aid available for engineering students?  What are the overlooked schools in “fly-over” America that nonetheless produce students ready for good graduate programs?   Unlike our daughter, who wanted a small liberal arts college in the Northwest, our son needed help sorting through colleges nationwide, and Brian’s advice was invaluable.    


Brian is a gifted teacher who is passionate about his work and helping kids succeed academically.  We can recommend Acerlogic without reservation." -Kelly