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Admissions Counseling

Our admissions counselors help ensure your student reaches their goals!

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Admissions Counseling

Unversity student outside the admissions office

You've probably read the articles, heard the news bites, and seen the stressed out expressions on your friends faces when you talk about where you hope to go to college. All of these indicators point to the same thing - getting into top schools has become a high stakes gamble. The coveted spots at the nation's most selective schools have become increasingly difficult to obtain. Super-achieving high schoolers and their well-connected parents will do almost anything to ensure a letter of admission from a tier school that has money to give for scholarship and other merit based aid, turning the once satisfying culmination of high school into college admission boot camp. Now, more than ever, the nation's prestigious schools are able to hand pick their students - even admitting many early, before legions of other students get a chance to apply.

Each year, students are left dumbfounded by seemingly inexplicable rejections from the colleges of their choice or financial aid awards that barely make a dent in a families cost of attendance. The culprit? ...an incorrect approach to the admission process.

While your parents and friends may provide anecdotal advice or guidance, unless they have years of admission assistance experience, their input will necessarily be impressionistic and subjective. Choosing a school that is right for you goes beyond rankings, prestige and location. Transforming a mediocre application into a self-marketing masterpiece requires a comprehensive knowledge of admission committee preferences and common applicant mistakes. Simply preparing to apply to a number of different schools requires, planning, organization and perseverance, particularly because many schools will have conflicting deadlines.

Remember that the admission process is a marathon, not a sprint. You might be inclined to spontaneously jump on the track and test your timing in the 40-yard dash, but you would not likely start a marathon without at least a basic foundation of training and preparation. Surprisingly, however, this is precisely what many students do. They base their college choices on the prestige or reputation of a small number of schools without adequately researching and identifying what they want and expect to get out of their school experience and degree. They also commonly think that the admission process begins as a high school junior or senior.

To get into the school of your choice, you must be performing at an optimal level when it comes to the application process. To do this, you must begin preparing early on. Note that many students are starting this process at the beginning of their freshman year. In today's competitive environment you need a clear strategy, a bit of self-discipline, a ton of good old-fashioned determination, and someone who can help separate the myths from the truths about the college admission process, someone who knows.

At AcerLogic, it is our mission to get you, your SAT score, application, and admission essays into tip-top shape, to put you on the right track and – Open the doors to your Success.

Application & Essay Assistance

 Application & Essay Assistance 

Seated female student working on essayUniversity application and pen

At AcerLogic, we know what admission officers look for and will help you create an application that stands out from the rest. Our professional editors can rework even the roughest essay into an eloquent expression of your unique talents and insights. We have satisfied countless applicants through our superior editing, and we offer this unparalleled service to you:

Excellent Editing: AcerLogic editors dramatically improve an essay's language, style, and structure, enhancing transitions and readability and making the essay even more powerful and distinctive, while preserving the applicant's unique voice.

Astounding Results: Ninety-nine percent of AcerLogic students believe AcerLogic improved their essays, ninety-two percent credit AcerLogic with a role in their admission, and eighty-one percent are admitted to their top-choice schools.

Professional Editors: With the most sophisticated quality assurance processes, the highest standards, and the most exceptional customer feedback, AcerLogic maintains an uncommon commitment to excellence and to the admission success of their students.

Given the tremendous impact that a child's college education has upon his or her future opportunities, there is no better investment than AcerLogic's Admission Counseling and Application & Essay Assistance services. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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